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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use - Conditional Exclusive to MAGASOCIAL(c) Network "MSN"

Reference to Maga Social Network is reference to both local and national MSN" site.

NO EXCEPTIONS - You must be more than 18 Years Old or older to use ANY MSN Site.

1. You must sign up to Maga Social Network using your Full Real Name.

2. Your Username will be used thoughout your Maga Social Network local and the USA MSN Site (if you also join the USA MSN Site.)

3. We do not use cookies to track you in anyway whatsoever. (Like the 3 Big Tech Corps do)

4. You must agree to report to MSN administrator all trolls, spammers, hackers and un-American's who inadvertly get on our system.

5. You must not post any Facebook or Twiter Links on MSN. 

6. You must NOT post any Fox "Anything" links on MSN.

7. Your are allowed to post Youtube, Rumble, etc. links on MSN. Youtube videos play easily on MSN.

8. You are prohibited from live streaming any music of anykind on MSN.

9. Posting of music .mp3 files on MSN is prohibited.

10. You are allowed to link back to MSN the following services: / / / NewsMax TV / One America News / PT News / Dailywire / 

11.. You must not "DoX" anyone on MSN or "Dox" anyone who is a member of  MSN on any other platform. 

12. Violations of Privacy rules & Terms and Conditions will result in a lifetime ban.

13. All participant operators of any Maga Socail Network system site must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States.

Updated: November 24, 2020

(We reserve the right to update these "Terms and Conditions" without prior written notice.